What’s New in Motivational Interviewing: The Four Processes

By Mia Croyle, MA

The third edition of Motivational Interviewing: Helping People Change (Miller & Rollnick, 2013) is the authoritative presentation of Motivational interviewing (MI).  This edition represents the latest in what is known about this powerful approach to facilitating change after 30 years of research and clinical experience.

One of the newest ideas introduced in this edition is that of the four processes which occur in a generally sequential, yet overlapping and recurring, fashion in the motivational conversation.

These four processes are:

  • Engaging – building the relational foundation for a collaborative working relationship.
  • Focusing – developing and maintaining a specific agenda.
  • Evoking – drawing out the other person’s own motivation for change and his or her ideas about whether and why to make a change.
  • Planning – partnering with the person to consider their thoughts about when and how they might want to go about making a change.

To be clear, MI is much more than a simple four-step checklist.  It is a complex intersection of these four processes with our core set of skills and a specific style that helps us engage in purposeful conversations that can help people change.

For more information, buy the book here or contact us at info@wiphl.org to learn more about motivational interviewing.

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